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Brentwood Cycle

Space Brace Shoulder Brace

Space Brace Shoulder Brace

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  • Decreases the frequency and severity of dislocations, separations, and various other shoulder issues.
  • Helps guide and center the shoulder into the socket, improving stability and reducing pain, while maintaining natural movement and mobility.
  • Offers support and stability with personalized support preference. The tighter the straps, the more support brace offers.

 Shoulder Brace Features:

  • TITAN Gel Support System insert applies pressure and massage to shoulder tendons.
  • BreathSaver Smart Strap System fastens across the back and above the hips to provide uninhibited respiration.
  • Soft knit fabric with a high elasticity for an optimal fit and feel.
  • Medically engineered compression helps improve circulation and blood flow in shoulder
  • Reinforced velcro on straps and TITAN Gel Support System.
  • Double stitched at stress points.
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